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Current Projects

Beyond the Graveyard 

Ghostly Encounters

Night Edge Publishing / YA / Dark Fiction

Narrative Poetry / Novelette Length

Edited by: Jenuine Blu

Cover Design by: Cotseres Images

“When One Coffin Closes, Another One Opens.”

Active spirits roam far beyond the graveyard in this haunting collection of verse told ghost tales.

Amazon Paperback

Beyond the Graveyard BOOK COVER.jpg


Completed Feature Length / Horror Screenplay

TOTEM is a slow burn, psychological horror with supernatural elements.


A haunting influx of ever-present moths inspires troubled writer, April Young to examine their meaning, and her own dark past. The ability to see dark auras around those doomed to die increases her urgency for answers. 


As April pieces together her disturbing history, she also desperately tries to save the young boy next door from the torturous abuse of his psychopathic grandfather.

Our journey with April and the legion of mystifying moths reveals her fight for the truth,

her sanity, and ultimately, her life.


Totem is a tale of betrayal and survival offering a cathartic twist ending. 

Represented by AMG. 

Totem Marketing Pic.jpg

WIP Screenplay

Feature Length / Psychological Horror

A reunion story pulsing with secret resentments and deadly hidden agendas. 

Film Reel
Butterfly Collage

WIP Book 

Night Edge Publishing / YA / Horror

Narrative Poetry 

Beyond Imagination … 

Gargoyle Statue
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